Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I realize, it's been a while....

So, I just wanna start out by apologizing for not posting in a while. Its been a very busy few weeks, which is a good thing!

I'm listening to Merle Haggard right now on my iTunes and I'm happy about Merle Haggard right now because its indirectly due to him that I got another gig today! LOL No, I'm not gonna be working with Merle Haggard, but his drummer, Randy Mason, is the drummer in my bro's band and Merle decided to record a new album, so, I picked up one of Randy's gigs while he's out recording with Merle! :)

I've been working a lot more lately and I have even more work coming up soon. I still haven't played anywhere else downtown besides The Wheel, but I'm def ok with that because I love that bar and I've been working there a lot! I just worked a couple of days ago there with Monte Good and we had a blast. It was a small crowd cuz it was a Monday but we had a great time playing! I played drums for the first time with Monte so that was cool! And, the guitar Danny, really liked what I was playing so he's got some work for me coming up.

Danny gave my number to a guy named Jimmy Parker, who called me last night to play drums with him on the weekend of Dec. 19 and 20 down in Mississippi at the Isle of Capri Casino. I get to do my first road weekend! I'm pretty excited about it. The pay is good and we get rooms, meals, and transportation for free! I like casino gigs so it should be fun!

Other than that, things are going really well down here! I'm working out every day so I feel better every day! My bro was definitely an inspiration for that. He's lost over 100 pounds by just working out everyday, not drinking so much, and eating better. So, I'm doing that now and it seems to be working out because I feel so much better and its only been a couple of weeks!

I also love living with my bro and his wife. They are awesome people and have made this move so easy! They are just fun people to hang out with! I couldn't ask for better roommates right now!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm really really happy! I haven't been this happy in a long time! I love this city!

Ok, that's all for now! I'll try and write more often! Keep checkin back!

With love,


Cassandra said...

Hey. I'm glad you're liking it down there.

mojo said...

Good to hear you're happy, Harrison! I can't wait to come visit!!!!!!!