Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still looking for work...

Well, its been 2 and a half weeks and I'm still looking for more work. I have only worked 2 gigs, which I guess is ok, but I'm starting to get a little bored during the day and I'm getting restless just sitting around, waiting. I got so used to playing 5 or 6 nights a week back at home for the last 2 years, so now, to be not working at all is just too different for me.

But, on a up note, I played the NEISGA Show this past weekend and it was fabulous once again. I always love going to Waterloo and playing this show because I get to see all my steel guitar friends that I never get to see except for like twice a year. Its so fun because its really just like one big happy family getting together and just having a good time. Although, this year, I didn't get to hang out with everyone very much because I played SOOOO much!!! I think I only had like 5 sets off the whole weekend! And out of about 30 artists, that's a lot of playing! But, it was fun to play again, because as I mentioned before, I'm not playing at all right now.

Another highlight of the weekend was seeing my cousin Kate for the first time since her recent ENGAGEMENT! Kate and her boyfriend (now finacee), Chad, got engaged a couple weeks ago and we all got to see her this weekend since she goes to college in the neighboring town of Cedar Falls. They are absolutely perfect for each other and I can't wait for the wedding. They are getting married this summer when the whole family will be home! Should be a good time!

This week has been real low key so far. Slept in late on Monday because we drove all night Sunday to get home from Iowa. Went to Crossroads on Monday night to see Eddie play with the MCPs (Music City Playboys). Yesterday just ran some errands around town and went out to eat with Eddie and Marie. Went grocery shopping today and now I gotta do some laundry before going out to Gabe's Lounge tonight for another fun night with the MCPs. That's about it. Gotta run!

With love,

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