Monday, October 20, 2008

After the weekend

Well, I worked this past weekend and it was AWESOME!!!! The reason I worked wasn't awesome but it worked out really well for me. The 2 jobs I worked usually belong to my good buddy Joel Van Tassel, but he got sick during the week and couldn't play the whole weekend. He is feeling better now this week.

I worked a 6pm - 10pm shift on Friday night at The Wheel, which is on Broadway downtown, with a guy named Monte Good. He's really country which was great cuz that's really what I wanna play. The crowd was pretty good. M & D were still in town that night so they got to come down. Both of them were real happy about that!

Saturday, I worked the 2pm - 6pm shift with a guy named Zach Neil at The Wheel. Again, good country music! Crowd was surprisingly good for a Saturday afternoon. Something I'll have to get used to down here is the fact that its pretty much busy in the bars for the most part all the time! Lots of tourists!

My bro said that it was good for me to get thrown into those 2 situations this past weekend because of the fact that both of the 2 bands that I played with are good country bands that have really good musicians in them. I just had a blast! LOL

Anyways, I'm off to work out and then I get to spend my first day all by myself today exploring the town! I think I'm gonna go find Fork's Drum Closet and just hang out! Until later...

with love,

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